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I am confident that the education they have received will make them individuals who can and will take the time to think for themselves and inspire and lead others.
Charles Greenhalgh, Parent

Articles - White Mountain Waldorf School


Parents, alumni, faculty and friends of White Mountain Waldorf School have written these Waldorf inspired articles, and the local Conway Daily Sun has published them bi-weekly. In addition, they have been picked up by Waldorf Today, the world’s largest Waldorf web site and news and events portal.

Experiential Education - May 2017 - Experiential learning, in a general sense, is the process of learning through experience. But more specifically, experiential learning looks at optimizing the learning process itself by focusing on the individual’s involvement (experience) with the learning material.

Nourishment for the Soul of the Child - April 2017 - We can offer our children a great gift by extending the Waldorf sensitivity into our homes; by surrounding the children with warmth, rhythm, and simplicity, they are allowed to develop a sensitive center from which to meet the onrushing times.

XC Ski Trip 2017 - March 2017 - Early on the chilly morning of February 27th, 2017, Waldorf students from classes 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th met in the school parking lot for the 2+ hour ride to Kingston, ME, central location for the non-profit organization, Maine Huts and Trails.

First Grade Readiness - A Waldorf View - March 2017 - When a Waldorf teacher looks at a 6-year-old child to determine if he is ready for first grade, age cut-off is only the beginning.

Countering School Violence - March 2017 - It is all too common today to hear about severe bullying, physical fighting or even weapons being brought into our schools. These revered spaces should be our children’s safe havens, but sadly they are becoming some of the most worrisome places of all.

Moving Mountains - February 2017 - “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Music in the Waldorf School - January 2017 - One aspect of Waldorf education that is so wonderful and valuable, in my estimation, is the inclusion of the arts throughout the curriculum. This is true of the “art” of music where songs are sung and flutes or recorders played in classes with their main lesson teacher, not just twice weekly in the “music” subject class.

New Elemetary Teachers - August 2016 - Beginning this September WMWS will have four new teachers in the grades, and one veteran returning in a new capacity.

Mother’s Day - May 2016 - Famous last words no doubt! When I was running my large renovation business and my wife stayed at home with our newborn son and ran our house I truly believed that I had the tougher job. More responsibility, more pressure to make enough money to support us, more consequences if I failed to do my job. Makes sense, right?

Lady Spring 2016 - May 2016 - There is magic in the air here in the Mount Washington Valley! King Winter couldn’t resist and came for one last visit before it was truly time for Lady Spring to reign.

Reflections of a Waldorf Alumni - April 2016 - A firm handshake heralds the school day. The teacher greets each student individually, meeting the eyes and engaging with each, displaying genuine interest; a crucial element of engagement that sets the precedent for the day.

Family Habits Worth Building - March 2016 - If I were a fly on the wall in your home on a good day what would the atmosphere be like?

Sense of Touch - February 2016 - One of the most important contributions Rudolf Steiner made to spiritual science was that of the twelve senses. Steiner saw that the human being is utilizing a much more complex system of sense impressions in his interaction with the world than the traditional five senses allow for.

Literacy For Life - December 2015 - “No books?” Stunned faces stared at me, clouded with skepticism and disbelief. I was taking a class in early childhood education when I shared this startling bit of news: my kindergarten classroom had no library, no reading corner, quite literally – no books! How could this be?

Too Much of a Good Thing? - November 2015 - Few life experiences match the moment your child is first placed in your arms. The welling up of wonder, amazement, love and even determination that life will be good for this child, that as parents we will do everything possible to help.

The Power of Integrated Teaching - October 2015 - A guiding principle at Waldorf schools is “educating the whole child”. This perspective honors the complexity of human nature. We are intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical beings, and these aspects of ourselves work in harmony to make up the whole.

The Class Teacher - October 2015 - Imagine the first day of first grade. A child enters with such anticipation, eagerness, apprehension, even awe! Slowly, even painstakingly, a relationship is built up between a young child and his teacher: a relationship second only to that a child has with his parents. Receptivity to learning is nurtured by the trust born of this relationship.

The Gifts Waldorf Gave Me - September 2015 - There are many parts to a Waldorf education. There are the people you are with, both students and teachers, there is the environment you are in, and there is, of course, the curriculum; including the many lessons you learn. All of these aspects play important parts in Waldorf and why it works.

Teaching Compassion at Waldorf - September 2015 - Is Waldorf a Christian school? If not, what religion does it espouse? Perhaps this question should be asked in a different context. People of many faiths send theirhildren to our schools. We embrace them all. At the root of our spiritual outlook is a philosophy called Anthroposophy.

Drama in the Classroom - August 2015 - “What play are we doing this year?” This question inevitably pops up soon after school begins in the fall and reveals the central role the class play fills in the year’s curriculum.  In a Waldorf School, children in every grade perform each year for parents and fellow students, not as an after school activity or club, but as an integral part of the school day.

Geometry - August 2015 - One of the greatest pleasures of teaching eighth grade in a Waldorf School is the opportunity to tie together curriculum material encountered in previous years.

A Waldorf Student’s Story - July 2015 - My name is Kaeli. I am 16 and spent a good 13 years of my life attending the White Mountain Waldorf school in Albany, New Hampshire. My time at Waldorf was the best.

Fostering Entrepreneurship - July 2015 - This world is changing with ever increasing acceleration. The leaders and innovators of the future will require skills not dreamed of in the old dog eat dog, top down paradigm that used to rule the economic playing field. All indicators are pointing to the fact that the future business leaders of tomorrow will need to possess a lively, integrated combination of creativity, social skills, emotional intelligence..and also a world view.

Federal Standards & Early Childhood Development - June 2015 - Twenty years ago, kids in preschool, kindergarten and even first and second grade spent much of their time playing: building with blocks, drawing or creating imaginary worlds, in their own heads or with classmates. But increasingly, these activities are being abandoned for the didactic instruction typically used in higher grades.

Handwork - June 2015 - Waldorf students have a “can do” attitude. They develop this as they grow, embracing a rich, well planned curriculum. Students master skills and concepts in mathematics, language arts, history, science, German, physics and geometry.

Local Teenagers Bust Stereotypes - May 2015 - It’s not everyday that you see teenagers bouncing up and down with excitement as the next lesson at school is announced, who volunteer to babysit for free on a Friday night to help out another family ..or happily invite much younger children to join in their outdoor games.

Why Waldorf? - May 2015 - Imagination and Intellectualism. These are two very distinctive and meaningful words that we all seem to forget as we advance in age. But these words are exactly why I send my child to White Mountain Waldorf School.

May Faire - April 2015 - The White Mountain Waldorf School celebrates many festivals throughout the year, each full of meaning and symbolism, connecting us to Mother Nature and to a path of personal and collective growth. In May we joyously celebrate the return of the sun to our Northern climate with a public fair full of dancing, crafts, games, and music.

8th Graders - April 2015 - In June of this year, five eighth graders will graduate from White Mountain Waldorf School, and two seventh graders will continue on to eighth grade.

White Mountain Waldorf School - A Unique LIfe View - March 2015 - Let’s start with an overview of Waldorf education. For 30 years this small school just south of Conway has been fostering a passion for learning among local children.